rfrnz Land der Ideen Cup

The Munich-based startup rfrnz – and, thereby, two alumni of the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation – was honored as an „Ausgezeichneter Ort“ (“excellent place”) by the initiative “Deutschland – Land der Ideen” and Deutsche Bank.

“Deutschland – Land der Ideen” was founded in 2006 by the German Federal Government and representatives of the German industry. The initiative aims to bring creative minds together and honor their commitment to tackle pressing challenges of the future. This platform provides for an intensive exchange of ideas with other countries to foster international dialogue.

Together with Deutsche Bank, the initiative annually honors 100 “Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” which enhance Germany’s international visibility as a hub of ideas and innovation, of quality and creativity.

In 2018, the legal-tech startup rfrnz was selected as one of these drivers of innovation.

Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation alum Sven von Alemann founded rfrnz in 2016. Together with Dr. Ahmed Sayed, Chief Technology Officer and also an alum of the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation, and Chief Data Scientist Dr. Adriaan Schakel, he has built a contract analysis tool for lawyers and other legal professionals who need to review contractual documents.

Using state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms, their software extracts key information, relevant clauses or concepts from multiple contract types.