Article Süddeutsche Zeitung Executive MBA in Innovation & Business CreationDream job entrepreneur: Startup fever” is the headline of an article published by the online edition of the leading German newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” on April 19. It states that “more and more people want to found a startup and enrol for special entrepreneurship MBA courses” in order to increase the chances of setting up and running a successful business.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung article specifically mentions the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation:

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Unternehmer-TUM have been offering the Executive MBA in Innovation and Business Creation since 2007. Unternehmer-TUM is the centre for innovation and business creation at the Technical University of Munich, which accompanies founders from the initial idea to IPO.

Subsequently, Bernhard Kraus, Managing Director of the Executive Education Center at TUM, highlights the pioneering approach of the program:

At that time, the topic of entrepreneurship was still underdeveloped in Germany. But we saw a significant need for professionals to dive into this topic.

Asked about the specific focus and how it is reflected in the curriculum, he explains that the MBA is aimed at professionals and executives interested in innovation management, entrepreneurship and business model development. The degree program provides answers to questions like: How do you write a business plan? How do you manage cash flows? How do you convince customers and investors? How do you draw up a financial plan?

While the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation has a long history, it’s also constantly evolving and adapting – just like a startup.

“Pitching, i.e. how I communicate my idea to potential investors in just a few minutes, is becoming increasingly important,” says Kraus, to give just one example. Similarly, topics such as negotiation management, interview training or the development of networks have also moved more into the spotlight.

The article also mentions other schools that have decided to set up programs that focus on innovation and startup topics. This rise in offerings confirms that the need for entrepreneurship eduction for professionals that TUM and UnternehmerTUM had identified more than 10 years ago is growing ever since, and that entrepreneurship education will shape the academic landscape of the future – and the business world as well.