On April 24th, 34 students joined the IBC family and started their entrepreneurial journey in the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation. Coming from 15 different nations and all kinds of educational and professional backgrounds, the new class demonstrated its motivation to build bridges between people and cultures on the very first day.

Students building a Rube Goldberg Machine

Inspired by the words of Prof. Dr. Hana Milanov, Academic Director of the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation, our “Class of 2021” started to build their learning community during a workshop at MakerSpace, where they built a fantastic (and working) Rube Goldberg Machine.

Getting to know each otherThroughout the first module on Strategy & Organization, the class did not only deep-dive into academic topics and UnternehmerTUM’s ecosystem, but also engaged in more team work. Getting to know each other and learning about classmates’ values, team roles, motivations and behaviors plays a crucial part in preparing for the upcoming project module, which is all about team work. We are looking forward to the great ideas that will evolve from the team project and are excited to accompany our new students on their path over the next two years.